The bleaching cream bottle is bulging. How did that happen and can I still use the product? >
The hydrogen peroxide in the bottle may cause the bottle to bulge. It does not affect the product’s effectiveness or quality. You can use the bleaching cream without any problem.

I felt a slight tingling sensation on my skin during the development time. What should I do? >
A slight tingling sensation is caused by the hydrogen peroxide and is completely harmless. Once the development time is up, rinse off the cream with cold water to soothe your skin.

I have already let the cream develop for 5 minutes and the hair is still dark. Does that mean the product will not work for me? >
You may have to extend the development time of the bleaching cream up to 20 minutes, depending on hair thickness and density. You can apply bleaching cream again after 24 hours.

Can I lighten my eyebrows with XYO® Rapid? >
No, the bleaching cream is not suitable for use on eyebrows.

Can I also use this hair removal cream on my face? >
Yes, this mild hair removal cream is even well-suited for use on the sensitive skin on your face.

Can the hair removal cream be used for removing hair from sensitive intimate areas? >
Yes, the hair removal cream can also be used for removing hair from intimate areas.

Can I also remove scalp hair with XYO® Soft hair removal cream? >
No, this hair removal cream is not well-suited for that purpose.

The cream still did not remove the hair even though I left it on for 10 minutes. Is it possible that the cream does not work for me? >
You may have to extend the time and let the cream set for up to 20 minutes depending on hair thickness and density. Apply a thicker layer of hair removal cream if your hair is very coarse or dense.

I generally shave my facial hair. However, I now have stubbles and would like to remove the hair with cold wax strips instead. Is that possible? >
You will achieve the best results if you apply strips to hair that is approximately 3 millimetres long.

I used cold wax strips to remove hair from my eyebrows and now my skin is very red there. Why is that? >
This skin redness is due to the stimulation to the skin that automatically occurs upon quickly removing the cold wax strips. We recommend cooling the skin to ease the redness.

Can I apply the lotion after using any kind of hair removal product? >
Yes, XYO® After Epil is recommended for use after any hair removal method to soothe the skin and to delay hair regrowth.