XYO® Soft
hair removal creme, 125 ml


mild with a pleasant scent



Rids you of unsightly body hair, also at the most sensitive body areas, such as the armpits or the bikini area. Mild to the skin We have developed the recipe for this mild, pleasant smelling preparation XYO® SOFT to suit the needs of your skin. The combination of active ingredients is gentle enough to allow that the preparation remains longer on the skin. This ensures a better control of the application. Individual application Depending on type of hair and body area, XYO® SOFT can be individually dosed and is thereby kind to the skin. Apply and leave on skin for 5 to 10 minutes for weak body hair, and 10 to 20 minutes for strong body hair. Depilation & Wellness Sensitive skin care XYO® SOFT is also suitable for the thorough and painless depilation of sensitive skin without stressing it unnecessarily. Aloe vera moisturizes your skin, allantoin regenerates it, and almond oil nourishes your skin.

Available at your pharmacy (125 ml – EAN 4016545001309 – PZN 1575487)

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